Hello and welcome to OP-Nutrition, the website dedicated to the Optimum Nutritional support for gastric band wearers

Our aim is to provide information, research and recipes specifically for people with, or considering, gastric bands.  By providing sound advice, based on scientific research, it enables you, the gastric band wearer, to achieve good health and vitality through what you eat – it’s not just a question of what you CAN eat (anybody can liquidise a Mars Bar!) but what would be BEST for you to eat for your long term health.  Stomach capacity is limited so every mouthful needs to be nourishing…

Take a look through the website, where you will find case studies of other gastric band wearers, information on specific nutrients and which ones you should be focussing on, latest research in bariatric surgery and obesity, as well as lots of easy, delicious recipes specifically aimed at achieving optimum nutrition, helping you to make better health choices, not just for today but also for the future.

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Who are we?

The purpose of this site is to collate and share information. This is sourced from personal stories and experiences, clinical practice and evidence, as well as scientific data.
This site and the information shown on this site is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
We always receommend you discuss any health concerns with your GP, surgeon, or health practitioner. They must be informed immediately if new health issues arise from having your gastric band fitted or removed.